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About Us

MEP Engineers is an engineering firm located in Clawson, Michigan. Our name encompasses who we are – mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and energy engineers. We treat each other, and most importantly our clients, with respect and care. Whether you need standalone services or fully integrated solutions, MEP Engineers provides a single focal point from which to plan and manage your project strategy. Our broad spectrum of in-house engineering experience gives us the ability to handle any challenges encountered in the design phase.

Our History

MEP Engineers was established in January 1994 under the name  QES, an engineering firm that specialized in electrical engineering design services. The firm thrived, expanded, and in 2001 added a mechanical engineering group to its specialized scope of services. 


Today, MEP offers the latest in engineering and technical services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy disciplines.

Firm Overview

MEP Engineers stands apart because of the extra dimension we bring to every job:

  • Over 25 years of experience and expertise with the latest technology employed for design, information sharing, and coordination.


  • Highly specialized mechanical, electrical, plumbing and energy engineering.


  • Partnering with you from concept to conclusion for real value engineering.


  • Understanding the nuances of your business leading to common-sense design and cost-effective solutions.


  • Expertise in keeping projects on track with the ability to change direction quickly as needed.


  • Personalized and responsive client servicing.

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Our Philosophy

The measure of a successful project is a happy and satisfied client whose needs have been met. For MEP Engineers, that translates into projects completed on time and within or under budget. We strive for engineering excellence and incorporate innovative and creative solutions to engineering challenges.


Our goal is to be involved with each project in the early planning stages, continue service during construction, and maintain engineering and technical support after installation. This involves flexibility and an open-minded approach to the engineering process. Every step of the way, MEP Engineers monitors your project to ensure its progress is in accordance with your needs and expectations. As a result, our designs provide your facilities with greater operating efficiency, less maintenance, and a longer life.

“Trust is at the heart of our relationships. There are basic principles associated with trust that we adhere to including partnership, confidentiality, ongoing communication, consistent delivery of quality services, and valuing the needs and culture of every client.”

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